Taking a break to give thanks

Ready for Thanksgiving

It’s good to stop and to a break from the normal activities (and normal blogging, even.) We hosted both of my parents over at our house for Thanksgiving this past week and also my sister and her husband. And God bless her, my grandmother made it too. It was truly unbelieveable to watch her climb our stairs into our house when it wasn’t that long ago she had broken her hip. Most people never walk again after something like that and here she was standing in our house. Now, that’s something to be thankful for.

Adriene was the perfect hostess. The house was immaculately decorated and her desserts were amazing. It’s so funny to see how much she’s changed since I’ve married her. I never would have imagined her as such the cook and homemaker. She’s beautiful in a totally different way than when we first started dating, but nonetheless still beautiful. That’s something else to be thankful for.

I’m recharged and ready for my favorite time of year. The Christmas decorations are getting dragged out and soon we’ll be heading up to Nashville for another crazy weekend with people I barely know. That, also will be a time to be thankful for.