The Staggering Gods

The Staggering Gods is the title of a song on Daniel Amos’ Mr. Buechner’s Dream

“The gods are stumbling
Hopeless and sick unto death
They’re the ones we worship
And they’re gasping for their final breath” – Terry Scott Taylor

The Lord is in the business of tearing down idols in my life. He is an expert at it. Systematically, one by one. John Calvin once said that “The hearts of men are little idol-factories, working day and night.” So, I guess God can destroy all he wants, I’ll make more. I have had a lot of “false gods” in my past and have ended up disappointed more than once, with no one to blame but me. It’s appropriate this week that I have been sick and lethargic. I’ve had a low-grade fever, slept a lot, and generally felt awful. One of my “gods” is my good health. It’s been very difficult this week to sit around and let my “plans” and “goals” for the week fall behind. I’m not someone who enjoys sitting around for long, I have be “doing” something and keeping busy, (If you’ve met my family, you’d know where I get this from.) so having to be immobile for a while drives me crazy. I’m learning from this, however. I’m not as strong as I think I am.

I guess I’ll file this broken, splintered idol next to the other ones in my basement. The ones that told me I was cool. The ones that told me I was smart. The ones that told me I was attractive. The ones that told me I was clever. We as people like that think we’re independent and self-sufficient. Thankfully, God won’t allow us to stay in that delusion long.