But if those days came back, I would miss you so much more

This summer marks five years since I’ve graduated from college. Five years sure went by fast. My years in college take up a pretty big chunk of my history. It took me six long years get out of Georgia Tech. Then, I married a Georgia Tech student and vicariously lived college through her for an additional two years. So, that’s a total of eight years of my life. I had some amazing times then and really lived two (maybe even three) totally different eras of life while I was in college.

I’m still pretty involved with my fraternity as a part of the alumni board of advisors, mainly because I still believe strongly that it’s a place that turns college freshmen into strong Christian leaders. Not only does being involved in the board of advisors give me the opportunity to work with some great college guys, but it also keeps me in touch with many of the people that I went to school with. Sometimes I get together will some of my old college friends and we laugh about the old good times. We tell the same old stories and the same old jokes and laugh at the them all over again. After a while, we’ll shake our heads and say the kids in school now have no idea what they are doing and that they can’t run our Fraternity near as well as we did. Then, everyone complains their jobs, wives, children, and so on.

There is a beguiling allure to remember the past to be far better than it actually was. I remember some really high highs during my years in school, but I also remember some pretty low lows. I didn’t have to work from nine to five like I do now, but then again now that I’m out of school, I don’t have to study from ten in the evening until one at night. I liked have all of my friends within a close proximity to me, but I also remember how sometimes I just wanted some space from everyone around me. I had a lot of fun being single and hanging out with my friends, but frankly, I sure didn’t go on a lot of dates.

There was, in fact, something a little romanticizing about the unknown. Not knowing who you would spend the rest of your life with or when you would find her and there definitely was an excitement when you would meet a new girl and ask yourself “maybe this is the one?” and there’s something about single life that feeds creativity and makes it thrive. Still, I don’t think all of that is greater than the comfort of waking up every morning next to the same person or sharing experiences with your best friend and building a deeper friendship and romance every day.

Andy Osenga wrote a great song on his most recent album Souvenirs and Postcards which resonates greatly with me. He laments the end of his younger, single days but concludes with the words, “…but if they came back, I would miss you so much more.” I think that sums it up pretty well for me.