Invitation to a Christmas Party

Adriene and I are holding a “reunion party” for all of my high school friends this year at Christmas time. I thought I would include my overly schmaltzy and sentimental e-mail that I sent out to my friends announcing the event. Can you feel it? The best time of the year is almost here…

I was informed a couple of weeks ago that my ten-year high school reunion is upcoming. If so, that likely means it is also the tenth year that I known you. With some exceptions, I met most of you during my senior year of high school, or my freshman year of college. Quite the decade has passed since then.

With Christmas upcoming, if you know me well, you know that Christmas always seems to have heightened memories. Christmas typically follows a stormy and difficult fall. Christmas is when I regroup and gather strength to face the winter. Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of our Savior with friends and family. Over these past ten years, I have culled a long list of Christmas memories.

  • I can remember singing carols at a midnight candlelight service loaded down with high school dreams and ambitions.
  • I can remember listening to Handel’s Messiah in the cold open air.
  • I can remember sitting on the shore of the Intercoastal Waterway under palm trees
  • wrapped in white Christmas lights and watching yachts parade by all dotted and twinkling.
  • I can remember driving through the dark of night on a spontaneous road trip to Nashville just to see a Christmas concert.
  • I can remember saying my vows under a Christmas tree and a towering pipe organ and walking out into the Savannah night as the organ blared “Joy to the World”
  • I can remember walking through the grey town of Cincinnati and feeling like I’ve walked into a black and white movie.
  • I can remember sleeping in a renovated train station and watching a Christmas parade outside my window. I can remember falling to sleep as snow covered trains rumbled below me.

But most of all, I remember all of the gatherings we had together at Christmas at various locations. Through high school, college, marriages, and now with children, we’ve annually come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and close out the year. Now, at least for one more time before Jesus comes back and brings this whole thing down, Adriene and I are calling everyone together to our home.

We’ve thrown parties for some of our friends before, but this one is exclusively for my friends from long ago. Children and spouses are more than welcome. Join us among the horse farms and spired churches here in Powder Springs for an evening of reliving old times and sharing new ones.

Adriene is going to send out real, authentic invitations, not just rambling e-mails by Jeff. So, if we don’t have your home address, please send it to us in an e-mail and we will send you an invitation and a *secret map* to our house. Okay, it’s not really secret, but it’s just fun to say words like “secret map.”

We hope you can make it.

Jeff and Adriene