Turn off the Information Superhighway.... explore the hidden dirt roads and farm paths on the Web.

"Find the slow curve of a back road,
one hand on the wheel.
Drive till I remember how it feels.
So this is how it feels." - Over the Rhine

  Sites on The Dirt Road:
  http://www.thedirtroad.net/photo/  - thedirtroad.net Photography
  http://www.thedirtroad.net/otrhine  - Over the Rhine History site
  http://www.thedirtroad.net/jeff          -  Jeff's personal site.
  http://www.thedirtroad.net/adriene     - Adriene's personal site.
  http://www.thedirtroad.net/family       - Our family site
  http://www.thedirtroad.net/hp           - The Official Heisenburg Principle web site.
  http://www.thedirtroad.net/nit           - The Pick-the-NIT Web site
  http://www.thedirtroad.net/ccwkd      - Websites for RMFO weekend gatherings